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Loki finds a furever home

Now is a great time to foster an animal: rescue facility owner
MVT Loki finds home
Ashley Reid, left, of Pawsitive Haven Animal Rescue in Carstairs helps Loki out with his party hat. Photo submitted

CARSTAIRS - Before pandemic measures came into place, Pawsitive Haven Animal Rescue in Carstairs held a big going-away party for one of their favourites; Loki, a three to four year-old mastiff/boxer cross, who was adopted after spending 10 months at the shelter.

The party featured about 20 people and even a custom meat cake for the lucky boy.

Ashley Reid, co-founder of Pawsitive Haven, said it was tough saying goodbye but totally worth it.

“It's not every day a dog comes into the rescue that manages to make every single person at the rescue feel like he is their own dog,” said Reid.

“Finding him a home was like giving away one of our own. Loki had been with us for far too long and was more than ready for his furever home."

Reid said they organized the going away party because they decided Loki needed the "most special of send offs."

“It was complete with a pup cake and a party with everyone who's gotten to know him over the past 10 months and his new family!” she said.

“Tears were cried, laughs were had, pets were given and Loki felt like the most special pup around. We sent Loki off with all the love and hugs we could give him.”

Reid also wants to remind people that now with many people self-isolating and working from home it's a great time to foster a pet.

“Go to your local shelter or rescue and ask if they need a foster,” she said. “Now is a wonderful time to foster a pet because so many people are at home not working. Dogs provide a feeling of comfort, stress release and love.”

Reid said animals have been proven to help comfort people in times of stress.

“In a time like this, adding a little extra love to your life is never a bad thing,” she said.

For Pawsitive Haven Animal Rescue in Carstairs visit their Facebook site or website. For Wild Rose Humane Society, based in Didsbury, call 403-335-8297 with any inquiries.