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Carstairs resident concerned about auto wrecking yard

No one appeared during Town of Carstairs public hearing on proposed bylaw amendment

CARSTAIRS - A local resident is voicing concerns about a recently approved auto wrecking yard in south Carstairs.

The property involved is located just off 10th Avenue, south of the Carriage Lane subdivision.

A public hearing was held at the town office on May 25 to consider an amendment to the land use bylaw to include under direct control district sales and service outlets for automobiles, trucks, recreational vehicles or manufactured home, and auto wrecking yards.

There was no one from the public in attendance at the hearing, said CAO Carl McDonnell. Following the hearing, council voted approval of the land use bylaw amendment.

Under the amended bylaw, a business licence has now been issued to Brar Brothers Auto Parts, operating at 30052 Highway 2A. The licence is for a business type: automotive.

“One of the conditions is that the property be fenced with screening,” he said. “The owner has hired a contractor to install the fence but is waiting on materials.”

Resident Rob Young, who lives just north of the facility, says his concerns include possible future environmental damage and possible future unsightliness. 

“I don’t think this is an area for this to happen,” he said. “They are required to have fencing up but there is an elevation change going along there so if you were coming from north going south I’m pretty sure you’d be able to see well into the fence.

“Auto wreckers are notorious for having oil fall out of engines, and gasoline when they are stripping things apart. Of course there’s nobody allowed to clean it up except taxpayers once it is all said and done years later.” 

A call to Brar Brothers seeking comment was not immediately returned. The company operates Brar Brothers Auto Parts in Calgary.