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Carstairs playground inspection policy update approved

Equipment will be checked to ensure there is no rusting, rotting or significant decay

CARSTAIRS - Town council has approved an updated playground inspection policy designed to ensure local playgrounds continue to be safe for use throughout the year.

The Playground Inspection Policy 72-08-001-21 states that inspections of the play facilities in town will take place both monthly and yearly.

“This is an update to a current policy,” said Carl McDonnell, the town's chief administrative officer, during the Nov. 22 council meeting.

The policy was recommended for review, by the operational services department, to the policy and governance committee in September.

Guidelines of the policy state that monthly and annual inspections will consist of a walk through of the playgrounds, removal of debris, and a documented visual and physical examination of the playground equipment.

The inspections will include checking to ensure components are tight and secure, there are no tripping hazards, that moving suspected elements are connected to a fixed support with bearings or bearing surfaces that serve to reduce friction or wear, and ensure steel cables are inaccessible or capped to prevent injury from frayed wires.

Equipment will also be checked to ensure there is no rusting, rotting or significant decay.