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Carstairs ag society, council agree on Nature Space responsibilities

New agreement sets out the roles and responsibilities of both the Town of Carstairs and the Carstairs Agricultural Society
MVT carstairs nature space graphic
A plan of the Carstairs Nature Space public area. Image courtesy of Town of Carstairs

CARSTAIRS - Town council has approved a construction and maintenance agreement between the municipality and the Carstairs and District Agricultural Society for the new Carstairs Nature Space public area on the town’s southside.

The approval came by way of motion at the recent, regularly-scheduled council meeting, held in person and on Zoom.

The Carstairs Nature Space is intended to operate year-round for the benefit of the entire community and is available for all community organizations, groups and individuals. It includes walking and resting areas, trees, shrubs, garden boxes, a variety of green spaces and other things.

The agreement sets out the roles and responsibilities of both the Town of Carstairs and the society. It includes the formation of a Carstairs Nature Space Committee. 

For the municipality, responsibility for maintenance of Nature Space areas includes maintaining all roadways, parking lots, all fencing on the perimeter, all drainage and utility right of ways, all utilities including water and wastewater, providing and maintaining and emptying waste receptacles, and providing and maintaining portable toilets for the dog park and Nature Space users.

The town will also identify prohibited noxious weeds and ensure weeds are controlled at the site, monitor tree health for pests, diseases and apply insecticide to trees if deemed necessary, mow the designated walking paths and around the perimeter of the dog park fence line, and identify any habitat nesting or borrowing dens and inform the public.

For the society, responsibility for maintenance of the Nature Space areas includes planning and hosting community events at the Nature Space, providing an annual project proposal to the town, maintaining a list of trees planted by the committee in the nursery, fundraising for additions to the Nature Space through donor contributions, grant applications and fundraising events, source and schedule a community volunteer base, and water planted materials as required through volunteer participation.

The society must also create and maintain activity and interest areas for children and students, and plant, weed and water the ag display plots and garden boxes through volunteer participation.

Available for viewing on the town’s website, the agreement will be in place for five years and will be automatically renewed for four additional years unless there is a replacement agreement in place or it has been terminated by the town or committee through written notice.

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