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The Ultimate Guide To Cannabis Smoking Methods

With so many ways to get high, it’s hard to know which method is right for you. We break down cannabis consumption methods so you can make the right choice regardless of the situation.
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Cannabis consumption methods have become increasingly elaborate, and the number of options is enough to make anyone’s head spin. From traditional staples like blunts and bongs to newer methods like vaporizers, it’s tough to stay up to date on the latest trends.

In this guide, we’ll break down each method of consumption to help you make the right choice. We’ll cover the basics, what type of experience you should expect, and which settings are best for each. Here’s everything you need to know about cannabis consumption methods.


Smoking pipes have long been a part of the history of cannabis. While they’re typically made of glass, you can find pipes made of metal, wood, and even silicone. Pipes come in many styles and sizes, and picking a favuorite is a matter of personal preference.

Specialty pipes like bubblers are also popular. These pipes have a chamber for water to help filter the smoke and create a smoother hit. Many solo smokers will use smaller pipes like a chillum to easily consume without much waste. Pipes with a larger bowl are great if you have company, but they’re not ideal for a large smoke circle.

Pipes are a classic way to enjoy your favourite cannabis strains. Effects are almost instant, and they couldn’t be easier to use. They’re perfect for traveling and outdoor recreation, and it’s easy to get attached to your favourite pieces. Smaller pipes will require frequent cleaning, but they’re perfect if you’re the only smoker.

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While they seem like new technology, bongs may have been around at least 2,000 years ago. Although they’re usually made with glass, silicone bongs are now popular for users prone to accidents. Bong styles have become increasingly elaborate, with twists and curves you didn’t think were possible.

Also known as water pipes, bongs use water to filter smoke and give users clean, flavorful hits of their favourite strains. Adding ice to the water chamber is also a popular way to mellow out harsh hits. High-end buyers have fixated on luxury options in recent years, and bongs can often exceed thousands of dollars in price.

Bongs have a reputation of being extremely powerful and giving unprepared consumers all they can handle. This is because bongs deliver huge hits that aren’t possible with a pipe or a joint. Most bongs work great for groups up to about four, but they’re also an extremely efficient way to smoke alone.

Rolling Options

When you think about cannabis in pop culture, joints and blunts usually top the list. These two smoking methods are essentially the same thing, with the difference being the types of rolling papers used.

Blunts use the paper from a cigar or cigarillo to wrap up dried flower cannabis and are smoked just like a cigar. Joints use cigarette paper and are generally much smaller than blunts. Some people enjoy mixing cannabis and tobacco in what’s commonly referred to as a spliff. While this is more popular in European countries, many Americans are on board with this hybrid smoke.

Blunts and joints might be the best method of consumption for large groups of people. They’re great for concerts and can be transported easily. Like pipes and bongs, you’ll enjoy nearly instant results, but be prepared to snuff out your smoke early as the amount of flower you can fit in a blunt or joint is often too much for a single session.

Picking a consumption method is entirely a personal preference. With this guide and some experimentation, you’ll know the perfect way to consume cannabis regardless of the situation. Try new methods for a unique experience with some of your favourite strains.

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