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Mayor expects few changes as town reopens

Businesses expected to follow provincial guidelines, Robb Stuart says

BOWDEN — There will not be many changes in Bowden as the province begins to open up from the COVID-19 lockdown, mayor Robb Stuart says.

“The town is trying to accommodate our residents on an as needed basis,” he wrote in an email.

Stuart said the town office will remained closed to the public with office staff working from home and in the town office in split shifts.

“Private businesses will need to follow provincial directions,” he wrote.

Playgrounds will remain closed.

However, as the Albertan reported earlier, the golf course will open. Stuart noted it is run by an independent board of directors.

Town council will continue to meet electronically.

“I hope that the provincial relaxation is successful and I think that initiative is a good one,” Stuart added. “We have had no issues in town and the majority of residents seem to be following the guidelines.”

Doug Collie

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