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Bowden's upcoming planning session includes future of former Bowden Hotel

Topics for the Jan. 8 meeting will likely include the town budget and what to do about the former Bowden Hotel
MVT Bowden Hotel Ruins steps
The front of the once proud Bowden Hotel is in ruins after the historic structure was bulldozed following the fire on Jan. 1. Johnnie Bachusky/MVP Staff

BOWDEN — Town council plans to kick the new year off by holding a strategic planning meeting on Jan. 8. 

"We are going to have a strategic planning meeting, try to figure out where we’re going, in January. What we should focus on for the upcoming year,” Town of Bowden Mayor Robb Stuart said during an interview. 

“We’re just going to throw a whole bunch of things out there and assess (them),” he said, adding the town's budget will be one of the topics. 

Another will be what to do with the former Bowden Hotel at the corner of 20th Street and Highway 2A. That need was underlined by a New Year's Day fire that destroyed the building. The remaining structure was demolished on New Year's weekend.

“It’s got to go, but we just can’t figure out who technically even owns it. We’ve looked everywhere for about five years for that,” he said. “We pretty well need to do something with it. It’s getting to be a real hazard.” 

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