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Bowden murder suspect's case back in court May 31

McInnes charged with first-degree murder in sudden death of 25-year-old Kirsten, Gardner, O’Donoghue

DIDSBURY —The suspect charged with first-degree murder in the death of a young Bowden mother is scheduled to be back before court on May 31.

That decision was made after the case of Ross Arran McInnes, 27, came up in Didsbury Provincial Court on April 26.

McInnes is charged with first-degree murder in regard to the sudden death of 25-year-old Kirsten (Gardner) O’Donoghue in a Bowden apartment building the evening of March 22. 

She is the mother of two-year-old twin boys, Braxton and Jensen.

McInnes’s first court appearance occurred on March 29, at which time it was set over to April 26.


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