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White grizzly on tour

Rare bear and sibling spotted again near Field, B.C.
white grizzly
A white grizzly bear is seen on the side of the Trans-Canada Highway in a video taken by Banff resident Cara Clarkson on April 26. SUBMITTED IMAGE

A pair of young grizzlies, one of them a rare white grizzly, are becoming celebrities.

The pair have been spotted near Banff Alberta and now near Field, B.C. Castanet reader Roy sent a video he shot and edited himself which captures the pair walking together along the side of the highway.

"It was a very unique and rare experience. I thought it was pretty cool that I got to see it."

Roy says there was a park ranger on hand making sure people didn't get too close when he was filming, "they told me they have been keeping an eye on the bears because they have been hanging out close to the highway and getting on the wrong side of the fence at times." 

Roy says the rangers believe the bears are siblings and guess they are three or four years old. Grizzly bears are typically solitary creatures but cubs can stay with their mothers for up to two years, but some grizzly siblings will often stay together for some time after their mother leaves them, eating and sleeping side-by-side, and even denning together.

Hopefully, these two will move away from the highway as the summer progresses.

Grizzly bears are known to cover massive amounts of territory. Some males have territories that range up to 4,000 km and can eat up to 58,000 calories in a single day.

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