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Exercise & Fitness Tips from a Personal Trainer

There are many benefits to staying active past the age of 65, and beyond. Staying active is essential, and yes, the reasons why are well-known. But what about the how?
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Where can willpower and motivation to do so be found? Here are some tips on exercising for fun so you will be more inspired to be active.

Choose Things You Enjoy

You are not training for a marathon or fitness competition! You are moving your body. If you hate to do a certain activity, don’t do it. There are so many choices for things to do and forcing a ritual that doesn’t work is not motivating. To help you find new things, check with local gyms, YMCAs, local clubs (badminton, volleyball, pickleball, etc.) and sports centres.

Find a fitness community

For every type of activity, there is a community of people who love it, and have made it part of their daily lifestyle. Go to the YMCA and be part of a class and let an instructor help. Join a team, or become part of a walking group. Step counters and apps provide rewards and motivation, too. One of the most motivating reasons to get moving is to find new ways to be involved.
Set goals but don’t stress over them

Don’t make failure your go-to when it comes to activity. There is no need to put pressure on yourself. You achieve none of the goals that you give up on, and the main reason to stay active is because it makes you feel better.

It is easier to make goals when you know what is required of you. Take a look at Canada’s  24-hour movement guidelines for adults and incorporate the recommended daily minutes of activity into your goals. About 150 active minutes weekly breaks down to 20 minutes a day.

Break it up

If you don’t want to do a full workout, a shorter one is just as good. Instead of going out to the gym, try a 10 minute break to go for a short walk, climb the stairs or do a little bit of stretching. Two or three smaller workouts hold the same benefits as one. The Mayo Clinic discusses whether or not 10,000 steps per day is really necessary. A 30 minute walk is about 4,000 steps, and that is a good beginning.

Add variety to your day

Now is the time to give activities that you have always wondered about, or meant to get back to, a try. These activities are formulated for different skill levels and abilities, and instructors are there to help. Try yoga, aqua fit, gentle strength and low impact workouts.

Try things you have never tried before, and don’t let fears stop you. Strength training is very beneficial at any age, but if you have never tried before, be sure to have a complete program and a trainer to help you, to reduce the chance of injuries.

The reasons why should be enough motivation

You will sleep better, eat better, feel happier and connect more with others when you exercise. In addition, exercise helps fight illness, disease and improves balance, builds strength, fights depression and improves mood.

Staying fit is different for everyone. There are guidelines that let people in each age bracket know how much, and how intense the exercise should be. It’s good to be aware of the guidelines, but movement is the key. Just go outside if you can, walk, or join a team. The more you do, the better you will feel.

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