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Letter: Cremona needs election candidates that care

When I came to Canada, I found that democracy could force the politicians to really serve the people

I am a councillor of Cremona and I urge local residents who care for the community to spare some of their time and participate in the upcoming municipal election in October.

I came from China where there is absolutely no democracy. Ordinary people there have to suffer from poverty, slavery and constant abuse. 

When I came to Canada, I found that democracy could force the politicians to really serve the people, to respect the people and take good care of them. I believe that Canadian politicians practise politics this way not because they are saints, but because of people's voting power.

In the village of Cremona we used to have some council members who did not care about our well-being. I believe that part of the reason was that local residents were too reluctant to participate in local politics, so there were too few options when an election came due.

It is very important that we elect council members who care about our community, who are able to properly look after our village and oversee the administration and public work force. In this way public facilities can be maintained, public needs addressed, taxes and fee rates kept relatively low.

This coming October we will elect four councillors and one mayor for Cremona. I hope more residents will come forward and run for these positions.

In order to have good competition we need more than five candidates to run for councillor and more than two for the position of mayor.

Interested candidates must go to the village office, pick up the nomination forms and start to prepare for an interesting election. Together we can make Cremona grow into a more vibrant, harmonized and prosperous community.

Joseph Shi,