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Letter: It appears witch hunt underway when it comes to Innisfail's Glen Carritt

It takes courage, determination, grit to stand up against town council, ugly letters, comments in media

Re: “Controversial sign policy back in council’s hands”, page 13, March 23 The Albertan, and “Red Deer County probing Carritt election sign”, page 13, March 23.

There appears to be a “witch hunt” underway. These are difficult times. People's lives have been turned upside down due to a pandemic, normal events are non-existent or gravely limited. Spring is coming and we all need more hope. 

As a member of Glen Carritt's election team, I am filled with excitement and hope as we move out of darkness and into a brighter future. As for Glen, I appreciate his boldness. He is following new provincial guidelines voted on and passed by council on Dec.14, 2020. This controversy should not land on Glen's shoulders.

There are too many small business owners in this town who are frustrated by heavy-handed regulations and now that we have a candidate that believes in less bureaucracy, this person is continuously ostracized by a council that places more emphasis on an overbearing code of conduct than an elected councillor's freedom of speech and actions. 

I am also working to end the brutal lockdowns. In its Nov. 30, 2020, publication, Flying Blind, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms points out many brutal realities. Here are two important quotes.

One: "It appears that governments have destroyed more than one-third of the Canadian economy without indication as to when or how this destruction will be reversed, if ever."

Two: “We conclude this section (lockdowns measures) by arguing that government enforced these measures without adequately or coherently defining their purpose or necessity.”

Having one's name and face out there in public is not easy, especially when one appears to be “going against the grain." It takes courage and determination and grit to stand up against town council and ugly letters and comments in the local newspaper and social media.

I am pleased and proud to be associated with Glen Carritt and his election team during this difficult time.

Mary Flemming,