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Supporting agriculture a must, says Division 7 candidate

The recent Open Farm Days event is s a great example of the county working with the local agriculture industry, says Alex Hogarth
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MOUNTAIN VIEW COUNTY - Alex Hogarth believes that promoting and supporting the region’s agriculture industry will be key to the future success of Mountain View County.

One of three candidates in Division 7, Hogarth is seeking election to public office for the first time in the 2021 municipal campaign.

“For me I see the opportunity to become involved in local government and to work with the county to make sure we are going forward in a positive way for future generations,” Hogarth told the Albertan. “I believe there is a lot of opportunity for Mountain View County going forward.”

A health-care worker, Hogarth and her husband run a craft malting and barley business northwest of Olds, producing ingredients for breweries in the province. 

Ensuring the continuity of the region’s agriculture industry now and for generations is in everyone’s best interest, she said.

“Value-added businesses in agriculture like ours can allow the farms to stay in families for generations,” she says. “This county can be a great community for the younger generations taking over from the people who built this community.”

The recent Open Farm Days event, which saw six area businesses participate, including the Hogarth’s, is a great example of the county working with the local agriculture industry, she said.

“The county was fantastic with promoting that,” she said. “It is so important to connect people with where their food comes from. It think the county is doing a great job at that and I’d love to be part of continuing with that work. Supporting local is so important."

With Mountain View County covering a large geographical area, it will be vital for the new council to ensure that infrastructure such as roads and bridges is maintained and supported.

“If I was elected it would be something I would want to talk to administration about, to see where the problem areas are and see what we can do to improve things,” she said. “Maintaining (infrastructure) is a priority for me as well. 

“The county has done a pretty good job maintaining where they can. We need to keep status quo or improve if we can, while keeping budget in mind.”

Meeting upcoming funding challenges, including for policing in the district, is something she is prepared and willing to help tackle, she said.

“There are increased costs coming in the next few years, so that is something we will need to work together on as a council and a county,” she said.

If elected she says she would encourage efforts to bring more tourism, businesses and new residents to the community.

“We are on the right path to make this county a good place to be,” she said. “There is a good opportunity for our county to increase our population and to look for innovative ways to grow and prosper.”

Located on the county’s northeast corner, Division 7 includes rural Olds and the Hainstock rural neighbourhood. Longtime current division councillor Al Kemmere is not seeking re-election.

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