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Mountain View County division 1, 3, 7 candidates outline hopes, plans

County candidates faced questions submitted by members of the public during online forum

MOUNTAIN VIEW COUNTY - Municipal election candidates in Mountain View County Divisions 1, 3 and 7 took part in online forums on Oct. 5.

The candidates faced questions submitted by members of the public, with outgoing Division 4 councillor and reeve Bruce Beattie moderating. Question topics included taxation, economic growth, industrial growth, rural crime and council accountability.

The 105-minute, Division 3 forum was followed by a 105-minute, Division 1 and 7 forum, all on Zoom due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

The Division 3 candidates are Marlene Aubrey, Allan Hickok, Bryce James Mickleborough and Alan Miller, the Division 1 candidates are Dwayne Fulton and Edward James Shaw, and the Division 7 candidates are David John Doyle, Alex Hogarth and Jennifer Lutz.

Division 3 includes rural Didsbury and the Lonepine rural neighbourhood. Current councillor Duncan Milne is not seeking re-election in the division.

Mickleborough said, “I just want to see this county continue to prosper by encouraging a more diversified economy focused on agriculture so that it benefits not only all our producers but also benefits all the municipalities within our county.” 

Aubrey said, “I believe in being involved in the community, hard work, being accountable for your actions to the people who have bestowed their trust in you, listening to the concerns of people, being financially responsible, and being the voice to carry concerns to the council table and debate and react to those.”

Allan Hickok said, “I believe I have a lot of experience and background in being relatable to the people of this community and going forward I look forward to doing just that.” 

Alan Miller said, “I look forward to continuing contact with county residents and to grow this county of Mountain View. I’m committed to meeting with residents. When there is a concern I will try to get an answer and do what I can for the residents.”

Division 1 includes rural Carstairs and the Midway rural neighbourhood. Incumbent Dwayne Fulton said, “I can continue to be a voice for agriculture. I know agriculture across the area and I’d like to ensure the county is effective, efficient and streamlined in looking after the day-to-day operations and maintenance.”

Candidate Edward Shaw said, “I’m optimistic and the cup is defiantly half full. I see a lot of opportunities for this county. It is in an ideal situation (with) opportunities for diversification of our tax base and increasing the profile of our county.”

Division 7 includes rural Olds and the Hainstock rural neighbourhood. Current councillor Al Kemmere is not seeking re-election in the division.

Alex Hogarth said, “I’m really excited for how the county is going to take on the challenges in the future and be innovative and creative with those tasks ahead. I would love to be the representative who would sit and work with other councillors and our constituents on those tasks.”

David Doyle, “If I’m elected as councillor my job is to work for you, the residents within Mountain View County, and to try to be your support. I think a collaborative approach is usually the most effective approach.”

Jennifer Lutz said, “I care very passionately about this community. I understand public engagement and that councillors need to listen and be engaged and be transparent. I would definitely commit to doing that.” 

Complete recordings of the forums are posted on the county’s website.


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